IT Newsletter – October 1, 2010

Life Search Technologies October 2010

Life Search Technologies' Information Technology Division specializes in accelerating the process of identifying, attracting and delivering highly skilled and talented individuals to the best organizations.

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"What can Life Search Technologies do for me?"

We will ...

Keep you aware of market trends, salary ranges, key skill sets and connect you with like minded professionals and opportunities.
Conduct a high level confidential search.
Expedite the screening process and initiate dialogue with "key" players.
Present your company or resume directly to the "select" individuals rather than broadcast information through a public portal.
Consult on the pre/post interview communications to best utilize your time.
Explore different areas across the nation to suit your corporate and personal needs.
Provide open and honest feedback to facilitate a positive outcome for all involved parties.

This newsletter was sent to you as a means of keeping you up to speed on happenings in the IT industry.

All current positions are not always posted on our website due to client request or confidentiality. Many positions/jobs are posted and updated on a regular interval.

Life Search Technologies has existing "key" relationships throughout the country with many organizations (internationally as well) and decision makers. We work primarily on a national platform and can assist with meeting your needs and requirements anywhere.