Biotechnology Job Newsletter – December 16, 2010

Our Biotechnology Job Newsletter lists new Sales, Field, Marketing, and Management positions.

Life Search Technologies' Biotechnology Division specializes in matching qualified candidates with leading companies throughout the United States. We place qualified candidates in positions for Sales, Marketing and Scientific Professionals.
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"What can a recruiter do for me?"

We will ...

- Conduct a confidential search for you so you don't have to take time out of your workday to hunt for new opportunities
- Gather the details of the position before you decide to apply
- Present your resume directly to the hiring authorities rather than through a website
- Prepare you for the interview
- Explore different areas across the nation to prepare you for a relocation
- Give you open and honest feedback to help you work through critical moments in your career

So, What's Out There?

The following represents a sampling of our current positions. If you know of someone who may be interested in one of these positions, please free to forward this message along to them. We love referrals!

*Indicates new job to this Newsletter

East/Southeast Region

*Account Manager - Job #1601
Experience: Sales, biology/molecular biology/or chemistry
Location: MA
Compensation: $100-115K plus car allowance and expenses

Channel Manager - Job #1453
Experience: Distribution management, life sciences, sales/marketing, Masters
Location: MA
Compensation: $150-160K plus benefits

*Director, Quality Systems - Job #1602
Experience: Quality assurance, GLP, management, life sciences or health
Location: MD
Compensation: $120-130K plus bonus and relocation assistance

*Field Application Scientist - Job #1595
Experience: FAS, RT-PCR
Location: PA
Compensation: $90-120K plus company car and expenses

Instrumentation Sales Representative - Job #1547
Experience: Sales, chemistry
Location: NJ
Compensation: $100-140K plus company car, expenses, and benefits

Marketing Manager - Job #1554
Experience: Marketing, project management
Location: CT
Compensation: $115-125K plus bonus, expenses, benefits, and relocation assistance

National Sales Manager - Job #1482
Experience: Sales management, quality
Location: New England
Compensation: $120-150K plus car allowance and benefits

*Project Leader - Job #1570
Experience: Project, life sciences
Location: NY
Compensation: $55-65K plus benefits and expenses

*Product Manager - Job #1574
Experience: Product management, technical marketing, instrumentation used in lab
Location: MA
Compensation: $100-110K plus expenses and benefits

*Sales Representative - Job #1576
Experience: Instrumentation or consumable sales
Location: NY
Compensation: $110-120K plus car allowance and expenses

*Sales Representative - Job #1584
Experience: Sales, distribution
Location: PA
Compensation: $110-120K plus car allowance and expenses

Central/South Region

*Field Service Engineer - Job #1597
Experience: Electronics, support/service lab instrumentation, capital equipment
Location: MN
Compensation: $50-60K plus bonus, company car, and expenses

*Sales Development Manager - Job #1598
Experience: Sales, sales management/training, chromatography/HPLC, lab
Location: MO
Compensation: $100-110K plus benefits

*Sales Representative - Job #1575
Experience: Instrumentation or consumables sales
Location: TX
Compensation: $110-120K plus car allowance and expenses

Technical Sales Representative - Job #1516
Experience: Capital equipment sales, pre-clinical drug discovery
Location: IL
Compensation: $120-140K plus expenses

Western Region

*Field Application Specialist - Job #1585
Experience: Research lab, assay development
Location: CA
Compensation: $105-125K plus bonus and expenses

Product Manager - Job #1568
Experience: Product manager, MBA preferred, life sciences
Location: CA
Compensation: $110-130K plus benefits and expenses

*Sales Representative - Job #1589
Experience: Sales, distribution
Location: CA
Compensation: $90-100K plus company car and expenses

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